Oikocredit is a worldwide cooperative and social investor that promotes sustainable development by providing financing the growth of microfinance institutions, cooperatives, fair trade organizations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and renewable energy projects in developing countries. Founded in 1975 and based in the Netherlands, Oikocredit is privately financed through the investments of over 50,000 individuals and organizations.

Guided by the principle of empowering people to improve their livelihoods, Oikocredit has a development financing portfolio totalling € 980 million invested across 70 countries worldwide. As an advocate for responsible finance and social performance Oikocredit seeks investments aligned with its social mission.

Oikocredit has extensive equity investment experience, with over € 100 million invested and committed in a diversified equity portfolio in 40 institutions and funds.

For more information please check https://www.oikocredit.coop



Insitor invests venture capital funding into startups throughout emerging and frontier Asian markets with the rigor and discipline of a for-profit venture capital fund while maximizing social impact through patient and responsible financial returns. Insitor’s objective is to contribute to the development of a fair and inclusive marketplace that serves the prevalent unmet needs of low-income communities. The early-stage companies Insitor invests in demonstrate clear competitive advantages and possess the potential to positively influence their respective industries. Insitor is keen to maintain high social and sustainability standards by implementing thorough environmental, social, and governance (ESG) processes both at the fund and portfolio company levels.

Insitor has developed an expertise in market intelligence and investment acumen specific to this region. Insitor funds boast a formidable investment portfolio encompassing Aviom India Housing Finance, Edubridge Learning, Biosense Technologies, Mera Gao Powe, Microenergy Credits in India; Joma International, Khmer Water Supply Holding, First Finance MFI in Cambodia and Alliance MFI in Myanmar.

For more information please check website www.insitorimpactasiafund.com


Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar

Swaminathan Aiyar is a prominent Indian journalist and columnist. He is consulting editor for the Economic Times and writes regularly for the Economic Times and The Times of India. He is also a Research Fellow at the Cato Institute, Washington DC.


Neeraj Kaushal

Neeraj Kaushal is Professor of Social Policy and Chair of the Doctoral Program at Columbia School of Social Work. A Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, she is also Research Fellow at IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Germany. She is a labour and health economist, and her research focus is on how policies and events affect the well-being of low-income families with special emphasis on immigrants.


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