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Who Can Join Aashiyaan?

Why should you work at Aashiyaan? There are various reasons. First, there is the excitement of joining something new – not just a new company, but an entity that is doing something entirely new. We are looking for people who would want to take up the challenge.

An important element in a potential candidate is the ability to see the work that we do as something that goes beyond just organizational growth and profitability, and his/her own personal growth within the organization. The fact that we will impact the lives of many people who are underprivileged and under-served, is something which an applicant should find fulfilling and exciting. There is a strong vocational aspect to the job, in other words. Beyond this, the very fact that this is a huge market ensures that the company will grow and do well, so there are lots of career growth opportunities, especially in the early years.

Someone need not come from a housing finance background to work here. Yes, while there will be a need to recruit some people who are familiar with the housing finance space, because there are some technical skills which people need to be aware of, not everyone has to satisfy that requirement. What is more important is having a field orientation, and being comfortable going out to small, rural areas and interacting with the socio-economic category from where our customers will come.

We have all kinds of positions on offer. For those in the business side of things, what is important is a sales-oriented background, be it microfinance, SME lending, small-ticket personal loans, and of course, housing finance. Those in FMCGs or insurance would also fit in very well. As for the credit team, those who will evaluate and decide whether a loan should be sanctioned, while we are looking at people with experience in housing finance, those with experience in lending to SMEs would also fit in very well, as would those with either management or social work backgrounds. In terms of organizational structure, we will be similar to typical housing finance companies. There will be a business team, there will be a credit team, an HR and admin team, finance and accounts and fund-raising team, an operations team, and smaller legal and technical teams. So anyone with relevant experience may apply.


Aashiyaan Housing & Development Finance Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, 660 Rajdanga Main Road
Kolkata 700 107

Email (Jobs) : recruitment@aashiyaan.in
Email (General) : contact@aashiyaan.in

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